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What Matters

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What Matters to Liz

Liz focuses on supporting her DMC partners who she handpicks based on a multitude of skills and in-depth knowledge on all aspects of the destinations they represent.  Her 30 years of experience are what drive her passion and fuel her curiosity, while being mindful of sustainability, safety and accessibility.

Liz has Purpose and Pride

SITE Canada Moira Hearn Lifetime Achievement Award-2021

SITE Canada Sustainability Ambassador-2022-2023

SITE Global Sustainability Education Committee-2022-2023

Masterclass Food Waste Prevention  Lightblue-2022

Seneca College – Advisory Board 2022-to Present

CMP – Certified Meeting Professional-2004-Credential is recognized globally as the badge of excellence in the events industry. The qualifications for certification are based on professional experience, education and a rigorous exam. 

TSEF (The Sustainability Events Forum) – Advisory Board 2023

"Sustainability Committee" Collaboration

My green sustainability mission is a passion that continues to challenge me to create thought leadership that will support the hospitality and tourism industry. I am a proud  Ambassador and member of the SITE Canada Sustainability committee.

I also contribute to the SITE Global Sustainability committee.

I bring my knowledge, commitment and dedication to the planet, the people and the younger generations that need to thrive in the future.


I welcome others to take a pledge of social responsibility, so that we create a future of caring leaders in our event ecosystem.


We all need to take action NOW and work together!



I am proud to be a member of the following  organizations

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