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Our Partners

Travel. Work. Play.

M Resort | Spa | Casino

Las Vegas, Nevada

When was the last time you were in Las Vegas? Have you ever been South of The Strip? The M Resort is modeled with a different energy and design. Currently it offers 390 luxurious guestrooms. But a brand new 206-million-dollar expansion, will add a 384-room tower bringing the final count to 774 spacious and luxurious rooms. It is a prime property for small to mid-size travel groups.


Greece | The Greek Islands

If you have never worked with a Travel Designer, then you’re in for a treat. It’s like having a backstage pass into the places that most never see. AME DMC knows Greece and the Greek Islands inside and out and they have educated me on all of the newest destinations and hotels that have popped up in the last little while. AME is known for their concepts, planning and with 3 offices spread out on 3 islands, they have the manpower to navigate my clients’ experiences. 


Argentina | Chile

Oh, Argentina. This country is HUGE and the 8th largest country in the world with a stunning mix of beautiful landscapes, vibrant cities, rich culture, delicious wine, and is undoubtedly one of the most sought-after destinations. Why did I choose ATP? When you begin to plot out the details of your visit, this Argentinian DMC will help you navigate your journey, from start to finish. 

Artemia Group of Companies

St. Maarten/St. Martin | Anguilla | St. Barths

Why did Liz choose Artemia as her DMC?  They are creative, imaginative and provide a corporate concierge service that embraces your guests while making them feel like they arrived at the best place on earth. 

Inspira Costa Rica DMC

Costa Rica | Central America

When you arrive in Costa Rica, the locals greet you with two words, “Pura Vida”.  Meaning: Pure life. And if climate change, sustainability and regenerative exploration sparks your curiosity, this adventure is best navigated by Erick Mendez and his team.


Eco-travel is firmly planted here as this location is a world leader in adventure travel and eco-tourism. 

Tropical Incentives

Mexico | Dominican Republic

Tropical Incentives has been an EMA Marketing partner for almost 10 years and they continue to curate unique and authentic programs.


Experiences in nature, sophisticated gastronomy, sustainability, and support for diversity and indigenous communities are the most representative trends that Tropical Incentives and the tourist industry in Mexico is navigating.

Strategic Alliances

The DMC Group

World Wide Destinations

The benefits of working with Liz, a strategic partner of The DMC Group.

We represent many Destinations Management Companies that support YOU, your goals and objectives. You benefit from my relationships, knowledge of the local culture, sustainability practices, service quality and reliability. I will be your liaison, always keeping your best interest and budget in mind.

Monocle Yachts

Mediterranean | Caribbean | Bahamas

Have you ever been on vacation where you’ve seen glanced at magnificent yachts and wished that you were on board? Monocle is the company that will navigate your dream come true. If you want to impress some business clients, or you’re celebrating a special occasion, there is nothing in the world like setting sail on one of their gorgeous yachts. 

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