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Meet AME DMC in Greece & Greek Islands

If you have never worked with a Travel Designer, then you’re in for a treat. It’s like having a backstage pass into the places that most never see. AME DMC knows Greece and the Greek Islands inside and out and they have educated me on all of the newest destinations and hotels that have popped up in the last little while. AME is known for their concepts, planning and with offices in Athens - Greece & the Greek Islands, they have the manpower to navigate my clients’ experiences. They are a wealth of knowledge in every aspect of the country. Their network is gigantic and their relationships with all of their clients is why I chose them as my partner. Are you ready to explore the history, culture and adventure of this destination?  

Greek Tourism Board Launches New Sustainable Travel Hub, Sustainable Greece

Good To Know! Some Greek islands are powered completely by renewable energy; others are entirely plastic free. Greek roads are ruled by electric vehicles and bikes, and Greek restaurants serve up invasive fish species caught in local waters on boats with recycled sails. The nation has a range of UNESCO protected sites for their ancient and cultural significance – and yet there’s also a serious commitment to accessibility for disabled travellers.

FUN FACT: in Greece, Lunch Is the Most Important meal of the day.

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