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Meet Tropical Incentives DMC

Mexico | Dominican Republic


Tropical Incentives has been an EMA Marketing partner for almost 10 years and they continue to curate unique and authentic programs. 


Experiences in nature, sophisticated gastronomy, sustainability, and support for diversity and indigenous communities are the most representative trends that Tropical Incentives and the tourist industry in Mexico is navigating.


Mexico is a hotbed of new talent that has resulted in many famous chefs and culinary competitions to take place in various areas of the country.


But the greatest initiatives that I have seen recently is the countries respect for biodiversity. Today there are 150 hotels that are Green Key certified. You will notice that most beaches have blue flags.  This is a certification showing our tourists that the operation is clean, sustainable, and concerned about the carbon footprint. And more continue to join these efforts.


Working with a trusted partner like Tropical Incentives Group is like insurance.  They pamper our guests, they are proactive facilitators, they respect corporate social responsibility and they create emotional experiences that I am proud to be a part of. They are champions when it comes to innovation and creative proposals.  They continue to satisfy the taste of a new generation of corporate travelers, independent planners and incentive groups. 


FUN FACT: There are 35 UNESCO World Heritage sites in Mexico. 

FUN FACT: Tropical Incentives in Dominican Republic is the only DMC offering water cartons to reduce plastic waste.

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