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Museo Casa del Faro
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Next Stop Hand Picked 
Meet VOQIN DMC in Portugal & Spain

Founded with the belief that every event should be an emotional journey,  VOQIN helps you light up people’s hearts to foster deep connections. With their expertise in creativity, production, logistics, and deep destination knowledge of Portugal and Spain, they create personalised and immersive event solutions. 


The secret is their proven approach as emotion creators. As a result of scientific research and based on biological, psychological and sociological evidence, their methodology is designed to help you achieve business and brand goals using emotions.

In Portugal you'll experience what "suadade" really means and in Spain, you'll experience the true sense of "Salero."  Two words that can't be translated into English and can only be understood by living them.  VOQIN makes that magic happen.

Both countries include historical venues that transform into surreal venues for once-in-lifetime group dining experiences.  They also include several coastal and island resort paradises that are top-trending locations for the most coveted incentive programs.


Fun Fact: Game of Thrones was filmed in Portugal!

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