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Meet Inspira Costa Rica DMC

When you arrive in Costa Rica, the locals greet you with two words, “Pura Vida”.  Meaning: Pure life. And if climate change, sustainability and regenerative exploration sparks your curiosity, this adventure is best navigated by Erick Mendez and his team.


Eco-travel is firmly planted here as this location is a world leader in adventure travel and eco-tourism. 


Costa Rica continues to be an emerging location and a magnet for wildlife enthusiasts, thrill seekers, digital nomads, adventurers, nature lovers, and corporate groups. With an abundance of mountains, volcano’s, stunning beaches and immersive experiences this destination provides exploration, curiosity and is known for its eco-conscious practices.


But the distances between where you land, stay, and go must be navigated by the best cultural correspondents in Costa Rica. Inspira has been pioneering experiences for travelers for 20 years.  Liz entrusts her clients to them, because they put people first and take care of anything and everything a guest could ever dream of.


FUN FACT:  Liz lived in Costa Rica for a year. Having been a local has made her more insightful in this magnificent destination.

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