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Malta & Gozo


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Mysterious and exotic, yet familiar, the Maltese islands are typically Mediterranean but British influence is easily found around each and every corner. With a combination of picturesque landscapes, wonderful blue seas, fantastic climate, diverse culinary flavours and all the modern facilities, the island will go a long way for you to fulfil your senses.

The island is a sovereign republic and member of the Commonwealth and also forms part of the European Union. Being just over 300 square kilometres, it hosts a population of over 400,000.


The vast majority of the population is of Maltese nationality, where the official and most widely spoken languages are English and Maltese. Some other European languages - mostly Italian- are also spoken. The currency is the Euro.


Throughout history, Malta has been influenced by its many rulers , from the Romans to the Greeks, Arabs, French and Spanish. Perhaps the strongest shapers in Maltese history were The Knights of Saint John and the British.

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